2017 L’Oréal Girls in Science (LGIS) Annual Competition Challenges High School Students to Create Real Impact Innovations for The Community

Jakarta, 26 July 2017 – Science is close to humans’ life and can help answer the problems faced by the world. History has shown how scientific findings can have a major impact on the development of a nation. The 2017 L'Oréal Girls in Science (LGIS) annual competition once again challenged high school girls to create innovations that can help solve the problems around them. The winner announcement was held at L'Oréal Science Fair 2017 #TernyataSainsKeren. In addition to the first, second and favorite winners, this year LGIS also gave a special 'Inspiring Educator' award for a teacher who is dedicated to continuously encourage students to pursue science at school.

“Quoting Mr. B.J. Habibie, Indonesia needs true scientists who not only pursue knowledge but also implement their findings or learnings to answer existing problems. This fits perfectly with the message we convey at this year’s LGIS competition. The young generation needs to be encouraged to be sensitive in identifying problems and use science to find the solution. As a part of the company’s ongoing commitment to promote and increase interest in science, this year we try to bring LGIS competition to a bigger scale,” said Umesh Phadke, President Director L’Oréal Indonesia.

Since 2005, LGIS program has been participated by more than 600 talented girls from over 200 high schools from all over Indonesia. Each year, LGIS brings forward a different and interesting theme. For this year, the theme is community impact where participants are encouraged to find a solution around them in order to give a real impact for the community. Eight teams of finalists, each made up of three high school girls had the opportunity to showcase their innovations at L’Oréal Science Fair.

“This year L’Oréal specifically organized L’Oréal Science Fair to provide the finalists of LGIS competition an opportunity to showcase their innovations. So not only did they present in front of the judges, but they were also encouraged to be able to share their ideas to visitors of the science fair. Their innovations are beyond expectation. We truly appreciate the ideas this young generation had to offer, from developing a smart bin that can identify type of trash to an automated livestock feeding machine that can help farmers. Believing that teachers can be an influential role model for the younger generation to pursue science, this year we also gave out a special Inspiring Educator award to encourage teachers to keep motivating their students to advance the world of science,” added Umesh.

Participants of LGIS competition went through several judging stages since April, consisting of a research essay, video creation about their innovation, up to face-to-face final judging. After going through a comprehensive judging phase, the panel of judges consisting of L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science (FWIS) alumni decided SMA Plus Pembangunan Jaya with their innovation entitled Three Maskerteens as the first winner and SMA 3 Malang with their innovation entitled Smart Bin Model as the second winner. Favorite winner who was selected via online voting on Facebook was awarded to SMAN 1 Bojonegara with a total of 1432 likes. The Inspiring Educator Award was given to Ms. Yonita Tyas Lokita from SMA Pembangunan Jaya.

“We are so happy and did not expect that our innovation would be chosen as the winner of L’Oréal Girls in Science 2017. Science is often regarded as a tough subject; however in reality science is fun and can help solve problems faced by the community. We still have a long way to go, hopefully LGIS can be the first step of our journey to become true scientists,” explained Ayu T Sekar, from SMA Plus Pembangunan Jaya the first winner of LGIS 2017.

“Thank you L’Oréal for giving this special award for teachers. This award will certainly be a motivation for me to continue teaching. My hope is that more and more students will continue their studies in science so that Indonesia can become a research-based developed country and help solve problems faced by the world,” said Ms. Yonita Tyas Lokita, teacher at SMA Plus Pembangunan Jaya, who won the Inspiring Educator Award LGIS 2017.

One of the judges, Dr. Anawati who was also L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science National Fellows 2015 said: “In line with this year’s theme, which is community impact, judges are looking for original and innovative ideas in useful technology that can be implemented in the society. Overall, the ideas from LGIS 2017 are very good and we really appreciate their effort even though it is only the prototypes. I hope through LGIS competition there will be more and more scientists in the future. To be a scientist, young generation should always be curios and never stop learning. Gain knowledge as much as possible and apply it for the nation’s development. Once again, congratulations for all winners.”

“The future of a nation will be shaped and determined by the young generation. They need more role models as well as activities that can open their eyes on the importance of science in creating positive changes for Indonesia’ future. L’Oréal continues to be committed to promote science especially promote young females in science. Hopefully this commitment will be able produce more young female scientists, because women in science can change the world,” closed Umesh.