Viva Technology (Vivatech) is an international event co-organised by the Publicis Group and Les Echos Group. It is dedicated to the growth of startups, digital transformation and innovation. In 2018, the third edition of Vivatech was attended by more than 100,450 visitors, 9,000 startups, 1,900 journalists, 1,900 investors and 450 speakers. At Vivatech 2019, L'Oreal presents “Limitless Beauty”, its vision of the future of beauty and client experience, showcased through the Group’s most recent tech innovations powered by voice, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

"The concept of beauty in the future will be transformed into beauty tech. We want to be a pioneer and leader in the new world of beauty tech. L'Oréal's ambition through Viva Tech is to bring more than 30% of female leaders in digital and technology, utilizing technology as a platform for diversity and inclusion to increase women's strength and bring more diversity in L'Oréal's ecosystem to jointly shape the future of beauty", stated Jean-Paul Agon, L’Oréal Chief Executive Offcier.

Jean-Paul Agon saat menjadi pembicara di Tech For Good Summit, Viva Technology Paris 2019

The massive growth of digital and technology changes the way L’Oréal communicates with our consumers. Through Artificial Intelligence technology, L’Oréal is integrating our consumers into the creation process, and offers them a limitless beauty experience. To help people better understand our vision of beauty which is accessible to all, tailored to the aspirations of people everywhere and powered by digital, we’ve created four sections. Each of these showcases different ways in which our business is evolving. This includes offering more personalized services, making our production more agile and sustainable, as well as integrating our consumers into the creation process. So, let’s take a closer look.

Limitless creativity

To showcase our passion for creativity, we’ll be using AI to share people’s creative ideas from around the world. Our 360° immersion wall, inspired by social media beauty content, will give you the chance to surround yourself with stunning images of the most relevant beauty trends, currently being shared globally.

Limitless tech

At our Limitless tech section, you’ll find a selection of ingenious ideas made real. Virtual Hair Advisor by L'Oréal Professionnel is the new generation of hair consultation: you’ll virtually try different hair colours, while listening to the vocal assistant professional advice from L'Oréal experts. 
Powered by voice commands, this unique experience is created by Modiface, our Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence company
100% voice activated, 100% augmented reality, 100% personalized.

SkinConsultAI by Vichy is a digital skin diagnostic, which not only detects signs of aging, but also provides personalised skincare. This state-of-the-art development has been co-developed with dermatologists, in partnership with ModiFace and L’Oréal R&I. The fruit of 15 years of scientific research on skin ageing combined with AI, it’s a must try when you visit the stand.

Last, but by no means least, you’ll have the chance to experience our Effaclar Spotscan by La Roche-Posay. This web app, also co-developed with dermatologists, uses AI and scientific data to analyse acne-prone skin. It provides you with personal advice and recommendations to remedy acne lesions and prevent them from getting worse. 

Limitless agility

When you check out our Limitless agility section, you’ll find a cutting-edge range of beauty-on-the-go-solutions. For a start, you’ll see how Lancôme uses a 3D printer to print jars that customers can get filled with Lancôme and Victor&Rolf fragrances in-store. Then, you’ll use our Giorgio Armani Beauty vending machine, with an integrated Modiface virtual try-on: select your favorite lipstick, try it on virtually and take your chance to win it.

Limitless personalization

In our Limitless personalization section, you’ll find the Shade Finder by Lancôme. Based on AI, this exciting technology can give a personal foundation shade recommendation to a consumer, directly at the point of sale. Happily, this is more than just a concept, with the service currently being rolled out across the globe. By the end of 2019, we’ll have 1000 points of sale equipped. Finally, you’ll get the chance to see My Little Factory in action. This is a factory of the future, which can produce foundation on demand.