Innovation of First Serum Face Mask from L’Oréal Paris

The power of a bottle of serum in one mask* to get radiant skin and youthful look in 15 minutes

Jakarta, Feb. 27, 2020 - L’Oréal Paris as world’s number one face treatment product[1] presents the latest skin treatment innovation, “Pro Youth Face Mask”. This breakthrough is the first serum face mask from L’Oréal Paris that has the power of one bottle of serum*, with 15 minutes of usage resulting in radiant skin and youthful look in an instant^.

Rita Wijaya as Group Product Manager L’Oréal Paris Indonesia said, “As world’s number one facial skin treatment product, L’Oréal Paris is committed to always support women in their journey to achieve self actualization according to their ways and desires. The DNA of L’Oreal Paris brand is a product with high quality and scientific-based. We present the usage of formula that has been clinically tested under the supervision of dermatologist. In the modern era, Indonesian women have packed activities, and face challenges such as pollution and exposed to sun light that make the facial skin to look more dull. Inspired by this need, L’Oreal Paris launches Pro Youth Face Mask, to provide face treatment with premium quality that results in radiant facial skin and youthful look in an instant, #INSTANTRADIANTSKIN.“

L’Oréal Paris Pro Youth Face Mask comes in 3 variants, Brightening, Lifting and Plumping that contain Hyaluronic Acid. The three products use the technology of Advance Cellulose Tissue Mask, Japanese cotton and have the power to moisturize equal to a bottle of serum in one face mask. The innovation of face mask from L’Oréal Paris has 0.3 mm in thickness that gives the sensation of 2nd skin effect, able to absorb essence 10x more and able to hydrate skin better, only in 15 minutes to achieve radiant skin, and youthful look.

dr. Litya Ayu Kanya Anindya, SpKK, FINS-DV as Dermatologist in Indonesian Dematologists and Veneorologists Association (PERDOSKI) of Jakarta branch explained  further on facial treatment needed by urban women, “Mask functions as a tool that carries the active substance to the skin,  helps moisturize and also gives the effect of comfort faster. The optimal face mask is determined by 2 factors. First is the face mask material and also the active substance, such as Hyaluronic Acid.  Hyaluronic acid is known to be able to moisturize, smooth and brighten skin for youthful looking skin and maintain facial skin elasticity. One of the functions of a good face mask is to keep all serum content in the mask, allowing it to provide optimal amount for absorption to the skin during usage.”

Tyna Kanna Mirdad as leading skin care enthusiast also gives tips in using mask. “As an urban woman with many activities, I regularly use face mask twice to thrice in a week and I have been searching for products with abundant essence content and variants that fit my needs. After trying the Pro Youth Face Mask product, it is proven to give the effect of radiant skin and youthful look in an instant. The interesting part is, the shape is designed to fit in Asian face, making it comfortable to use.”

L’Oréal Paris Pro Youth Face Mask comes in three variants that are specially formulated according to the needs of Asian women’s skin types, which are Brightening, Lifting, and Plumping, and can be found in drugstores, department stores, cosmetic stores, e-commerce partners, and minimarkets with the price of Rp 38,000.

“We hope the presence of latest innovation of L’Oreal Pro Youth Face Mask can strengthen the positioning of L’Oreal Paris as the world’s number one face treatment product, and answer the needs of modern women to have radiant facial skin and bring back the spirit amidst the packed schedules to always look confident,  ready to face every challenge. Because we believe We Are All So Precious.” said Rita Wijaya as Group Product Manager Skin & Hair L’Oréal Paris Indonesia.\


[1] Calculation of L'Oréal based on data reported by Nielsen through its Retail Index Service for Women’s Face Treatment Segment for the 52 weeks period that ended in October 2018 as a consolidation from 36 countries (2018, The Nielsen Company)

* Based in average calculation of Glycerin on Revitalift Intensive Serum

^ Youthful look is scored from the ability to help hydrating and maintaining skin elasticity and moisture, based on clinical test on 43 Asian women