Kérastase Invites Indonesian Women to #DaretoShine with Its Latest Product K Water

Equipped with Innovative Lamellar Technology for an Instant Shiny, Light, and Smooth Hair

Jakarta, 25 February 2020 – The need to instant hair care with real result becomes a desire to all urban women nowadays. In the middle of a busy schedule, spending a long time in salon might not be an option although they want to have a beautiful hair all the time. To answer this aspiration, Kérastase launched the latest campaign #DaretoShine through its most recent product, K Water,that will be available as an added service in salon to get an instant shiny, light, and smooth hair.

“As a brand that always want to make our consumers’ wishes come true, at Kérastase, we truly understand that the trend of urban women hair care nowadays is an instant care with a real result and affordable price. This encourages us to make a service with the K Water to be the must-have service for every woman that wishes to have an instant shiny, smooth, and light hair”, explained Reny Agustia, Kérastase Paris Brand General Manager in Indonesia.

The K Water is equipped with Lamellar Technology adapted from Micellar Technology that is frequently uses in face care. While Micellar Technology is able to lift dirt from the skin surface, Lamellar Technology works to coat the cuticle as it touches water. This makes K Water application process to hair does not require any waiting time therefore the process is faster and results in an instant shiny hair. The gloss is also more long-lasting until the next hair wash. More than that, this technology makes hair lighter and could be used to all hair shaft types.

K Water service will be an added service that can be combined with any hair service consumers take in salon. Consumers will only need to add around fifty thousand rupiah from the other service to enjoy this service.

“Through the launching of K Water, we invite Indonesian women to #DareToShine with a shinier, smoother, and lighter hair. If usually consumers only go to salon for wash and blow, now they only need to add fifty thousand rupiah to get K Water service for a glossier finish. This service is available in our partner salons from this March. So, Let’s #DareToShine with K Water!”, ended Reny Agustina