Kiehl’s 10 Years Journey: Offering Personalized Experience for Indonesia

Kiehl’s is a premium skin care product which was founded in East Village, New York since 1851. As of 2019, Kiehl’s has been around for 10 years in Indonesia, the products are distributed across 5 major cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Medan, Bandung, Surabaya, and Bali. With 11 stores and 9 department stores booths, Kiehl’s always gives the best service for Indonesian consumers. Together with Kiehl’s 10 years anniversary, Kiehl’s opened the biggest store in Asia Pacific which is located at Senayan City Mall.

With a strong background in pharmacy, Kiehl’s has a commitment to provide products suitable for consumers’ needs. This can be reflected from Kiehl’s booth at Senayan City, which brings the concept of a personalized store where consumers can get products according to their needs. Consumers can get a consultation session through WhatsApp at +62811-1881-851, E-Kiehl’s Customer Representative will directly answer questions from the consumers. Not only that consumers could purchase products at Kiehl’s stores, consumers could also purchase products online as well at

Since its appearance, Kiehl’s is known as a brand that combines science and natural ingredients that can be seen from its range of products and it will always be like that. The naturally derived ingredients which can be found in Calendula line uses Marigold petal, while Dermatologist Solution™ is a special product line created by Kiehl’s chemist that could solve skin problems.

Kiehl’s commitment is not only limited in creating high-quality products and gaining consumers’ trust, but Kiehl’s also focuses on sustainability for a better environment that is done through Kiehl’s Made Better. Kiehl’s made better has five primary pillars such as using naturally derived ingredients, sustainably sourced ingredients, effective use of ingredients, responsible packaging & manufacturing, and support community causes.

As one of the biggest brand distributed around the world, Kiehl’s believes that the commitment it’s not only for consumers, but it’s for community and environment too. This has been done by Kiehl’s since 2014 with the movement called “Say No to Plastic” in collaboration with the government to reduce the amount of plastic use in Indonesia. In 2015, Kiehl’s Indonesia collaborated with UNESCO to preserve Borobudur temple as Indonesian culture heritage. In 2017 until 2018, the campaign #PelukUntukOrangUtan was done as an effort to protect the forest in Kalimantan, where it’s the habitat for Orang Utan.

This year Kiehl’s Indonesia with a community called “Saya Pilih Bumi” are back with the movement #10MenitUntukBumi (10 Minutes for Earth) which focuses on waste problems, especially single use plastic waste. Facing this problem, Kiehl’s provides recycle boxes in every Kiehl’s stores. Consumers can return their used empty bottles, which then will be recycled. The movement #10MenitUntukBumi (10 Minutes for Earth) has been ongoing since July 2019 and will end in August 2019.

“We ask every visitor and Kiehl’s loyal customers to celebrate Kiehl’s 10 years' journey in Indonesia. You will get to know more about Kiehl’s brand through multiple animations that can be experienced by all visitors for free.” Said, Venny Septianita, Brand Manager of Kiehl’s Indonesia

For 10 days, visitors can enjoy classic furniture that shows Kiehl’s unique identity such as New York Taxi which portrays Kiehl’s origin. Kiehl’s commitment for the environment is also shown through animation of Kiehl’s Made Better, the same goes for Animation of Calenduland, Calendula Tunnel & Calendula, Petal Pool, which offer direct interaction cwith Calendula flowers to the visitors. Furthermore, visitors can receive a skin consultation and get a complimentary sample that visitors can try first before their purchase decision. This is one of Kiehl’s philosophy and commitment Try before You Buy, therefore consumers can get the most suitable products for their needs.