L’Oréal Paris Present a new easy-to-use and easy-to-buy Product, Infallible More Than Concealer Through a series of activity that more than an ordinary launching, this product will be launched exclusively on Blibli.com

L’Oréal Paris as the number one beauty brand in the world, launched its newest innovation in Indonesia, which is L’Oréal Paris Infallible More Than Concealer, a concealer product which has more advantages compared to other Concealer products. Besides being easy to use anytime and anywhere, this newest concealer is also waterproof and long-lasting especially in the busy day of professional women in Indonesia.
In this launch event opportunity, L’Oréal Paris has done an exclusive collaboration with Blibli.com. This collaboration is a commitment from both companies to expand product reach in Indonesia market as well as strengthen its position on the beauty category. With the theme “easy-to-use and easy-to-buy” of this new product launch, both brands organized L’Oréal Paris x Blibli.com Infallible Staycation in Bandung with 18 beauty influencers on 18th of September 2019.

Unlike the usual launch events, these beauty influencers will carry out series of activities, from makeup race on the train, group training session, city touring with big motorcycle, spa and many more to proof the superiority of the formula and the easy-to-use feature of infallible More Than Concealer that will also be easy to purchase on Blibli.com e-commerce platform.  

Chaerun Nisa Putri, Senior Product Manager L’Oréal Paris Make Up said, “Infallible More Than Concealer is not just an ordinary concealer. This product is the answer for Indonesia’s women need for a long lasting make up in this tropical climate and the time limitation to use full face make up every day. “
She added that “Infallible More Than Concealer is able to cover all skin imperfections very easily because of its big applicator and high coverage formula that lasts up to 24 hours. In addition, this product has a waterproof formula to achieve a long lasting make up result. Infallible More Than Concealer is suitable for everyday use because of its natural finish which come with 6 shades which are perfect for Indonesia’s women skin tone. 

Priscilia Cynthia, Key Account Manager Consumer Goods Blibli.com said, “We are happy to work with L’Oréal in this exclusive launch of L’Oréal Paris Infallible More Than Concealer on Blibli.com platform. This collaboration would be a strategic bridge to further strengthen the position of both companies in the beauty and lifestyle category. Beauty and healthy category in Blibli.com is one of the category with the highest growth. The growth is three times bigger compared to the same period in 2018, supported by the increase of beauty brands that joined as official stores on Blibli.com and the growing trust of customer to shop on our platform.”

Beside the collaboration in the launch of Infallible More Than Concealer, customers could purchase other L’Oréal Paris products easily through the complete Blibli.com services. With only one click, all customers could get the products they want. It is supported with the credibility and the originality of the products, fast and trusted delivery to all Blibli.com customer across Indonesia, and in addition, the ease of payment for customer’s satisfaction and comfort while shopping on Blibli.com. L’Oréal Paris and Blibli.com invite all Indonesian customers and media colleagues to try and review Infallible More Than Concealer. Besides, all L’Oréal Paris and Blibli.com loyal customers have the chance to get special promo for Infallible More Than Concealer which comes in 5 bundle set of various L’Oréal Paris product like Rouge Signature and Lash Paradise, the L’Oréal Paris best-selling product by visiting following link: blibli.com/loreal and official website L’Oréal Paris Indonesia https://www.loreal-paris.co.id/.