Perjalanan 40 Tahun L’Oréal di Indonesia, Memberikan Nilai Lebih Terhadap Makna Kecantikan

The #1 science-based beauty company in the world, L'Oréal celebrated its four- decades journey in Indonesia through a series of events themed 40 Years Beautifying Indonesia. L’Oréal's journey began in 1907 when its founder, a chemist named Eugène Schueller created an innovative hair dye formula. This discovery then developed into L’Oréal, the global leader of the beauty industry whose mission is to offer beauty for all.


"Being present in Indonesia for more than 4 decades, we consistently strive to not only beautify the people of Indonesia but moreover to beautify Indonesia. L'Oréal continues to grow through its strategy of universalization, a globalization strategy that is carried out by responding, understanding, and respecting all existing differences, to offer meanings of beauty in accordance to the different aspirations of people from around the world, "explained Umesh Phadke, President Director PT L'Oréal Indonesia.


Umesh further revealed four main reasons that have made L'Oréal an advanced company that is able to adapt in harmony with the evolution of the beauty world, namely: 1) Superior quality that is ensured through comprehensive investment in Research & Innovation; 2) Talents who are continuously trained to understand and adjust  consumers’ desires with diverse cultures; 3) Brand portfolio presented in various categories and in line with the progress of distribution and digitalization; 4) Commitment to ethical sustainable business with the belief that economic, environmental and social performances must go hand in hand and strengthen one another.


Through Research & Innovation, L’Oréal Indonesia continues to develop efficient ranges of products and services through the integration of science with consumers’ aspirations, enabling to offer products and services that are relevant to the climate, culture and behavior of local communities.


In addition, L'Oréal is also at the forefront of technological innovation by continuously bringing new consumer experiences in the cosmetics industry. L'Oréal Indonesia together with Shopee launched the first ever BeautyCam innovation in the Indonesian e-commerce world, offering consumers the experience of Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to digitally try out cosmetic products.


L'Oréal Indonesia is also committed to around 3,000[1] talents by placing the company not only as a place to work but moreover as a place to gain knowledge, provide career opportunities to meet aspirations, and provide welfare guarantee. L’Oréal also develops the quality of Indonesian students to become world class talents, partnering with various universities in the country through L’Oréal Brandstorm competitions. As the leading company in the professional salon industry, L’Oréal has also provided more than 17,000[2] training sessions for hairdressers throughout Indonesia with its L’Oréal Academy.


L'Oréal's commitment to sustainable business is ethically focused on social development programs and environmental conservation both in its operational activities and externally, wherever L'Oréal operates. "We have helped around 400 families affected by the earthquake disaster in Palu by providing temporary shelters and clean water facilities worth 1 billion Rupiah. Through the Beauty for A Better Life program we have consistently conducted free beauty trainings since its launch in 2014. This program has opened 11 training centers in Indonesia and trained around 1,113 disadvantaged women, enabling them to participate in increasing family income. Besides that, we are very proud that Dr. Noryawati Mulyono S.Si, awardee of the award and research funding for the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science 2010 program has succeeded in realized her research of innovating environmentally friendly food packaging plastic made from seaweed and resin, and has started commercialization internationally through her startup business," said Melanie Masriel, Communications, Public Affairs and Sustainability Director, L'Oréal Indonesia.


"L'Oréal has strengthened its commitment in providing beauty experiences that meet the aspirations of everyone, including Indonesian consumers. Besides through beauty products that are suitable with the diversity of Indonesian society, L'Oréal also beautifies Indonesia through various programs that have had a real impact in Indonesia since 1979, from Sabang to Merauke," Melanie Masriel continued.


These are several evidences from L’Oréal Indonesia in its 40-year commitment in beautifying Indonesia, namely maximizing business performance and at the same time realizing its commitment to become a responsible corporate citizen. By continuing to adapt and evolve, L'Oréal brings different values to the Indonesian beauty industry. L’Oréal Indonesia's four-decade journey is a journey that is committed and responsible from the heart to deliver more meaning and value by a beauty products business.


"I have always believed that Je Ne Sais Quo – a term in French – is the best way to describe L’Oréal's 40-year journey in beautifying Indonesia, a feeling that cannot be uttered verbally but feels so beautiful. Surely, this 40-year journey is thanks to good cooperation with our partners who continue to support L’Oréal to share beauty for all. A development that will continue for the next 40 years and years to come," concluded Umesh Phadke.


[1] Direct and indirect employees

[2] L’Oréal internal data of January - December 2018