Voicing the Importance of Self-Reward, Biolage Indonesia Rewards Indonesian Women Cool Therapy +++ Service on World Hijab Day 2020

Jakarta, 1 February 2020 - World Hijab Day is commemorated on February 1. In its commemoration, the message conveyed is not limited to tolerance, but about empowerment, freedom and self-respect by women through the wear of the hijab. In order to commemorate 2020 World Hijab Day, starting on January 31, 2020 - February 2, 2020, Biolage Indonesia rewards Indonesian women with up to 50% discount for Cool Therapy+++ services in thousands of Matrix salons across Indonesia.

 As known, an example of self-respect voiced by World Hijab Day is self-reward for what has been done so far. Self-reward by taking care of ourselves (self-care) is also considered to be an important factor for increasing one's productivity, this was stated by Dr. Russell Thackeray, a licensed clinical psychologist who opens consultations on productivity. But unfortunately, being too focused by what is done sometimes makes women, whether wearing hijab or not, forget to appreciate their achievements, be it large or small.

2020 World Hijab Day is the third year for Biolage Indonesia to commemorate the movement that was pioneered by Nazma Khan. This year, through the #PowerOfHijabCare campaign, Biolage Indonesia wants to remind and invite Indonesian women, especially women wearing hijab, to continue to appreciate themselves. One of them is to do professional service No.1 Hijaber’s Choice, Cool Therapy+++ rewarded by Biolage Indonesia, in order to help restore strength so that they are ready to take a bigger step.

The Cool Therapy+++ service is the right choice for intensive scalp treatment. It contains natural ingredients such as mint and bergamot. It works for three Indonesian women's scalp problems so that they are free from dandruff, they can reduce hair loss, and is limp-free for 48 hours, the Cool Therapy+++ service consists of 3 types of services: Dandruff-Free Service, Loss-Free Service, and Limp-Free Service.

 Shireen Sungkar, Brand Ambassador of Biolage Indonesia also shared her experience treating different hair problems before and after she wears hijab, "Before wearing hijab, the my hair was dry in the hair shaft and ends. It happened due to frequent styling. But after wearing hijab, the problem is not only in the hair, but also the scalp, which is limp, has dandruff, and suffering from hair loss, because it's more often covered. So, treatments like Cool Therapy+++ service is needed, where the treatment is intensive not only to the hair but also the scalp. With a frequency of going to the salon at least 2 times a month, my scalp remains well-groomed and fresh despite the daily activities of wearing the hijab. "

 "Based on research results conducted by Biolage, after wearing hijab, the frequency of Indonesian women who came to the salon has increased. In addition to overcoming hair and scalp problems, women who wear hijab also understand the importance of self-care in salon with three main reasons, namely maintaining God's gifts, maintaining beauty for their husband (or future husband), and taking time to pamper themselves. Wearing hijab does not make women limit their activities. With hijab, they can still perform one or multiple roles in their career and society. " said Matrix Indonesia's Brand General Manager, Amanda Indarwulan.

For Indonesian women who want to appreciate yourself using the Cool Therapy+++ service at 2020 World Hijab Day, there are discounts up to 50% at the nearest Matrix salons in your city from January 31, 2020 - February 2, 2020. In addition to services in salon, Biolage Indonesia gives prizes of discounts of up to 40% at the Official Matrix Indonesia Store in Shopee for Biolage Scalppure range from February 1 - 10, 2020. For consumers who try this product, kindly read the instructions and warnings contained in the package. 

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[5] Berdasarkan uji konsumen terhadap 64 wanita dengan penggunaan rangkaian Biolage Scalppure Shampoo, Serum, dan Scrub

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